Hawaiian Kiteboards


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Kiteboarding lessons are held all year. Maui offers a wide range of wind and wave conditions.

High performance shapes, using marine grade Mahogany wood and Epoxy resin.

Before I started kiteboarding in 1999 I did a lot of  Windsurfing Contests.

Speed Sailing in Europe in the 80s, we raised the World Speed Record by 6 knots one year, the sky was the limit...

Then Slalom Sailing on Maui, Hookipa Surf Slalom, $240.000.- price money at the Aloha Classic back in the 90s.

Not to forget the Maui County Slalom Series, Hi Tech Surf Shop is doing an outstanding job putting on this great race series for over 20 years.

I worked with numerous Sailmakers and Board Shapers over the years, developing ever faster boards and sails.

In 2002 I started Hawaiian Kiteboards with the goal to teach people to kitesurf  beyond the basics and to shape the wildest and most  beautiful Wooden Kiteboards.

Have Fun on the Water


Aloha, Reinhard